AUDREY SPALL - Counselor, Santa Rosa Junior College

In 1992, after I contacted CPS and filed a motion for an order to prohibit any further
corporeal punishment by Audrey Spall, she subsequently filed this responsive
declaration, signed under penalty of perjury, wherein she explains that she is not
the child abuser she appeared to be.

In law, as in life, credibility is everything.

For more information regarding allegations of child abuse by Audrey Spall, please
visit this link..

Audrey Spall


"I do not inflict corporeal punishment."



"I did not use drugs prior to meeting Father."

Here is a scan of a letter Audrey Spall's previous boyfriend, David Pitocco, wrote to her during their break up wherein he states,

"... you make no mention of all the coke that went up your nose. Let's just consider my drug expenses."

"I was more interested in your drugs than you."

Dad: "So tell me again what happened here?"

Jo: "Hit me."

Dad: "Who?"

Jo: "Mom."

Dad: "When?"

Jo: "Today."

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