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Audrey Spall

Audrey Spall
Dislocated Elbow
Spall Restrained

Jo: Bruises left temple
Jo: Dislocated elbow
Jo: Another head injury
Jo: Abuse Report
Jo: Scratches

"I deny that my daughter's dislocated elbow was a result of corporeal punishment . . ."

"Dr. Brosbe, the doctor who made the report to Child Protective Services at the insistence of the father, was very reassuring that he had done the same thing with his five children."

"....I plan to change my daughter's pediatrician."

Audrey Spall: signed under penalty of perjury, 7-2-92

In her medical file Jo's pediatrician, Dr. Herbert Brosbe, M.D., wrote that Jo sustained the injury when Jo's mother "yanked on her arm."

Audrey Spall

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Audrey Spall: declaration signed under penalty of perjury, 7-2-92.