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Audrey Spall

Audrey Spall
Dislocated Elbow
Spall Restrained

Jo: Bruises left temple
Jo: Dislocated elbow
Jo: Another head injury
Jo: Abuse Report
Jo: Scratches

"Mother shall not use corporeal punishment on the minor child."

Order of Superior Court Judge, Rex Sater, 5-23-94

On the same day Judge Rex Sater revoked my joint custody and imposed supervised visitation against me, he also restrained Jo's mother against using corporeal punishment.

It is worth nothing the court never made a finding of detriment or harm to Jo, by anybody, including me.  Yet, eight years later, my visits with Jo are still being supervised.  A finding of detriment to the child is supposed to be a prerequisite for supervised visitation.  But following the law did not appear to be a high priority for Judge Rex Sater.

I twice motioned the court to lift the sentence of supervised visitation, once in 1997 and again in 1998.  Both times I was denied, in both cases.

At the last hearing, in March 1998, Judge Cerena Wong, after a brief lecture, ordered that I could not file any more motions or documents without her prior approval, a blatant abuse of power.

Order of Superior Court Judge, Rex Sater, 5-23-94

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